Kenny B.


Kenny Brooks has been at Control Point Heating • Cooling • Plumbing for nine years. He learned his craft in the US Navy where he spent 15 years as a machinist mate, second class. His wife, Heather Brooks is an RN; son Christopher, Kenny brought on to the Control Point family; and daughter Kendra is a communication specialist for OnStar. When not at work he enjoys drag racing, mustangs, and listening to all types of music!

Customer reviews

Heat Pump Maintenance in Shrewsbury, MA 01545

April 18, 2024 “Kenny and Christopher are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. I’m very happy with their work. 5/5 stars!”

Chris A.

Heat Pump Installation in Shrewsbury, MA 01545

April 12, 2024

“Everyone has been awesome 🤩”

Jack I.

Boiler Maintenance in Grafton, MA 01519

February 18, 2024

“Another great service call from Control Point Heating • Cooling • Plumbing! As always happens the furnace goes down when I am out of town! No fear! I called Control Point Heating • Cooling • Plumbing and Kenny B. came out and got us back up and running! The important thing to mention is that Kenny made my wife feel confident she would have heat soon and he was able to keep her informed and fully explained what he needed to do. I can’t say enough about Kenny! He has such a calming presence and always gets us back up and running quickly?”

Derek M.

Boiler Repair in Worcester, MA 01545

January 17, 2024

“Ken and Sadie were great . I had a no heat call from my tenant being a plumber myself I thought I could work through it. I was over my head I called Control Point Heating • Cooling • Plumbing and they sent a tech over in less than 2 hours . Ken and Sadie went through everything and determined gas flow problem . They were right on “Point” I called gas co and gas service line was frozen . Any other Co would have replaced everything and still would not have worked . Gas Co came over cleared line all was good . Hat’s off to Ken and Sadie . I will continue to use Control Point Heating • Cooling • Plumbing.”

Paul M.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Other 01462

August 30, 2023

“Sadie and Kenny were great. They worked well as a team. This is my first time using a gas furnace and everything was explained to me, including potential issues and temporary solutions to overcome them. I was taught how to change the filter and how the inner workings of the furnace operated. Totally satisfied with the service. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Jim B.

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